The Middleburg Community Center is unique in that it is a true community center.  Supported by the community, for the community, the citizens of Middleburg have assured that the Community Center remains a pristine public space for all ever since our doors opened in 1949.  Come and enjoy the picnic grounds, garden, playgrounds, pool and other outdoor spaces. Sign up for a class, or stop in at one of our many public events. Visit our online calendar to learn more about upcoming events

Join your fellow neighbors, and make a donation to lend your support to this historic and elegant institution in your own backyard.

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2018 Annual Report:




Mrs. Mimi Abel Smith

Mrs. Carmen R. Arwine

Mrs. Melanie A. Blunt

Mr. Robert Carter

Mr. W. Carey Crane, III

Mrs. Susan S. Long

Mr. James A. Pearson

Mr. David B. Quanbeck

Mr. James K. Thompson

Mr. Richard T. Williams

Mr. Thomas R. Wiseman, II

Executive Committee:


Mrs. Bethann Laign-Beeman

Vice President: 

Mrs. Helen MacMahon

Secretary: Mr. Treavor D. Lord

Treasurer: Mr. Joseph Litterio


Honorary dIRECTORS:

Mrs. Magalen O. Bryant

Mrs. Nicole H. Perry


Past President:

Miss Catherine C. Murdock




Olivia Rogers: Executive Director olivia@middleburgcommunitycenter.com


Sue Foote: Administrative Assistant



Not Pictured:

Tim Cole: Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

Martin Sandoval: Building Maintenance

We are always in need of volunteers


We asked you what your fondest memory of the community center is. Here's what you told us . . .

  • Cooking & serving food at the Senior Luncheon

  • Dancing School with my husband 1952-1953

  • Dancing School with my wife 1952-1953

  • Learning to walk the runway

  • Screaming in pain in Barre Class

  • "It Was Mostly Fun" which Thornton Saffer wrote about growing up with my parents.

  • Our wedding reception in 1974.

  • My retirement party.

  • Middleburg Business & Professional Associations' speed networking.

  • Cotillion

  • The Hill School Auction

  • Wonderful parties and community fundraisers

  • Socializing with local folks

  • Children's parade during the 4th of July Celebration

  • The first time I attended "Art in the Piedmont" and realized how much local art talent is here in Middleburg

  • Shakespeare In the Burg!! So wonderful!

  • Cabin Fever Ball

  • Duck pin bowling in the 1960's

  • Middleburg Film Festival