Ages 2-3

“Story time” with a soccer ball! With our “story time” with a soccer ball approach, HappyFeet participants will learn various soccer skills while developing ball control, balance, coordination, and gaining fitness. We have a blast taking “Bob” the bobcat on adventures, singing songs, and playing unique games. Classes are 30 minutes in length and held every Saturday during the dates listed below.

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Ages 4-5

With exciting games every week, our 4's & 5's  age to dive in and learn the game of soccer. Keeping it fun, we use challenging drills, unique games, and scrimmages during practice to help boost confidence, coordination, and fitness for game day. When it comes time for game day, our players are able to work together and play soccer all while having a blast! 

4's & 5's will have practice and games on Saturday mornings: 30 minutes of practice followed by 30 minutes of game play. LEGENDs (6's - 8's) will have games on Saturdays and practices willhe held on Thursday's at 5:30pm.

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